I'll be starting my runs this week. For real. I ran two short times last week - 1/4 and a 1/2 mile. Going for two 1 mile runs each week for now. I'll be running in my Altra's, which are zero drop. Not what I wanted to do, but I don't like my Mizunos. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to get some new minimal shoes - either Brooks PureConnects or Saucony Kinvaras. We'll see.

Spring spirits.

Something about working all weekend outside on our farm. It refuels my spirit.

It can be exhausting. It usually is. Hard, tiring, exhausting, frustrating, draining. But, as I take the last walk of the day up to our barn, down the beaten soft muddy road... the sun is ending it's day behind the trees. The wind whips around, a bit chilly. Load ourseves into the car and make the trek home, thinking about hot showers, what's for dinner?, and soft couch cushions.

Even though Monday is the dreaded monster, with its 6 a.m. alarm and 8 hour cubicle days, it becomes refreshing as well. As much as I love being free and spontaneous on ocassion, I'm a creature of habit. I like the routine we set up for this season.
The weekends take on a new routine for us once Spring hits. Someday, it'll be our everyday routine, but for now, it's something to look forward to.


+ I'm feeling pretty giddy today! It's Thursday! The sun is shining! It's not freezing cold! Birds were chirping! It's not dark as I walk to work in the morning! It's already Thursday!

+ My Achilles is still my achilles. Har har, get it? I've been doing some self massage techniques, NOT running AT all, and I did two electronic stimulation treatments this week. It just feels like it's super sore now, but that good sore after a hard workout. SO. We'll see. I've been slowly transitioning out of my orthotic inserts. I've been wearing zero drop shoes.. just to the gym. Today, I wore my regular running shoes to work and took out the inserts. So, I still have some support, but not that crazy plastic shit. Giving it some rest for the next day or two and then I'll start trying to strengthen it up.

+ The positive to this injury is that I've learned a lot about weight lifting. I'm lifting heavier, I'm burning a lot of fat, and growing some muscles. I did 23 real push-ups the other day. 23. I don't have the best form just yet and I certainly can't do them all in a row, but I'm making progress. I'm learning how to split my days so I'm not exhausting my whole body everyday and I think that's going to speed up the progress even more.

+ I swear I do more than just exercise. Last Saturday, we brewed a chocolate stout and I made a five gallon batch of my gluten-free beer. I made a one gallon batch over a month ago and it worked really well, so I just expanded the recipe to work for 5 gallons so I can have a couple cases of it ;). We also started a new mead, which will be juniper berries and oak aged. Mmm.

+ OH AND. We finally found a bank who might be willing to work with us and give us a loan! WOAH. Because we already own a house and land and a bit of other debt (cars, two credit cards), it's been hard to find a bank who will give us more. But, this bank is willing to roll a bunch of things into one loan and hopefully have enough extra to build the winery. Kind of surreal, but it'll be so awesome if it all works out. We just need to have our land appraise at a certain value and, of course, a good credit report.