Five things from the past five days. Yep.

I dyed my hair darker. A lot darker. I'm still adjusting. Most mornings, I just stand there in front of the mirror .. who is this? .. cock my head to right and wait for the image to clear up. Today was the first day I honestly thought, I like it!

(Obviously I liked it or I wouldn't have done it, but the shock of change sort of delayed that feeling.)

A great night with good friends. One of those nights where you lose track of time, conversation never stops, and life (and everyone) feels infinite.

We spent an afternoon working. We made an orange mead, tasted & racked the Fredonia we had sitting in the basement for almost 2 years (!!), and I finally tasted & racked the gluten-free beer I made that's done fermenting. The Fredonia is delicious. It's our first wine made from our grapes that we grew. I'm so excited to bottle it with some fancy labels and share it! My gluten-free beer actually tastes like a beer and the hop flavor is fantastic, so I might have to make a big batch of the same recipe.

Early mornings at the gym are the best. Just a couple folks. Quiet. I've also started doing push-ups everyday. Real ones. As many as I can. Until I can actually do them well and correctly and for multiple sets. I'm up to 8. 1 per set. :)

I started using Instagram again. I like the ease of creativity. I enjoy looking at everyone else's work. I think I just need to trim down who I follow and keep it strictly art. I don't want to end up feeling the same way about Instragram that I ended up feeling about Twitter...

.... which is pure hatred :)

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