Leaps in the forest.

15*F at 8:45a.m. It really doesn't feel that bad. Porter (the dog) is galloping through the streams. There is no wind; no sun, either. Sometimes, your hands go numb or your nose runs. We jump streams of ice and balance on fallen trees.

It's funny when I told some people we went hiking that day. They know it was cold and why are we so crazy to do that?!? Well, why not? It's like.. I can sit on my couch or I can go have a life.

That's my new mission.

I've become this big advocate of get the fuck up and do some living! Start running, start lifting weights, start cooking healthy, start being creative, start finding ways to happiness, go on a cruise, build your own business, just do it!! I know that I annoy the shit out of everyone. But, I can't help it. The thrill is out there and I want people to feel it. Whether it's a hike in the forest, a marathon, a weight loss goal, or the final piece to opening your own brand new business - there's a thrill, you'll feel it if you do it, no matter how small the task.

I know there's no ONE way to live your life. That being said, my way isn't syncing with other people's ways. But, you know.. I can sit on my couch, trying to force others into my way.. or I can go have a life. I can just go do it. Because life doesn't come to you.. right? You gotta go find it.

I guess all that matters is I've found at least one person who is willing to put on five layers of clothes and head out into the freezing wilderness with me.

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