Slow and sure.

Taken on 2/15/13 - Route 225/147, Halifax.

Slowly begins the new season. Within the next month or two, we'll back to the farm every weekend. I bought some new work boots yesterday. Odd how exciting that was for me.

We went up to the Gratz Auction yesterday and found a guy who owns his own apiary. Bees. HONEY. We really need a local guy for all the mead we plan to make, so we had a chat and looks like it might work out for us. He also sells spices for one dollar. $1. Decent amounts, too. So, we bought a ton of those. I'm particular interested in making a lavender mead? Hmm.

I also bought a huge bag of fresh spinach for $3. Costs me about $6 at the grocery store. Cheese, molasses, onions. It was a good time.

Winter has been a nice break, but I'm pretty sick of it now. I want to walk outside in t-shirts. Get some mud on my jeans. Feel the sun beat down. Warm breezes and fresh green everything. Not too much longer...

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